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As a full service egg donation and surrogacy center, The Center for Egg Options is proud of its reputation of having the highest standards in the assisted reproductive technology (ART) arena. Over the last 14 years, The Center for Egg Options has guided over 2,300 matches.

The Center for Egg Options provides a comfortable, supportive and caring environment with the health and well-being of donors, surrogates and intended parents our first and foremost concern. Our compassionate, hands-on approach sets us apart from other agencies. We’re available to donors, surrogates and parents-to-be as needed seven days a week.

Why choose The Center for Egg Options?

At The Center for Egg Options we share our client's goal for building families through relationships and are dedicated to providing the most qualified candidates to our intended parents. With hands-on experience in OB/GYN nursing for over 17 years, we know what to look for and what would disqualify a potential donor or surrogate.

We are available by phone and email every day. Each donor and party involved in a surrogate cycle receives Nancy's cell phone number for after hours calls to ensure directions are clear. We know our donors and surrogates because we are in touch frequently, even those who are not currently in-cycle. The staff we work with at each physician’s office, consistently states we are thorough and organized and make their job easier.  
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